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Protection Plan Membership

Protection Plan Membership

Activation $99.00 and $89.00 Per Month

          Our protection plan membership

                    includes the following:

Credit Restoration

Positive Credit Builder

Credit Monitoring

Credit Attorney

Debt Payoff

Identity Monitoring

Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney

Financial Lock Box

Shopping Portal

Budgeting Portal

YFL Family Mint

Net Worth

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My Care Plan

My Care Plan


My Care Plan allows everyday people to have a Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney.

Our plan includes the following:

Last Will

Living Trust

Health Care Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney

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Renters Reporting

Renters Reporting
$6.95 Per Month

Our Renters Reporting gives one the ability to have their good renter's history help to either maintain their credit score or increase their credit score.

Easy Registration
Build Credit Without Going Into Debt
Get Credit For Your Last 2 Years of Rent

Don't lose out on the chance to build your credit through your monthly rent payment.

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Smart Credit

Smart Credit

$14.95 (Special Offer)

Our Smart Credit Program is designed to provide our customers with information about their credit, and includes other features that allow them to manage your credit. One can also:

View your Smart Credit Report and all of your scores. 

Get alerts when there are critical changes to your credit.

Correct credit reporting inaccuracies or

settle debt with action buttons

Manage your financial accounts and set up alerts   for when bills are due.Updated every 24 hours with your transactions, statements and payment history.

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Ultra Score

Ultra Score

$149.00 (Yearly)

We understand that you need high quality effective and informative information to achieve your financial goals.

We know how to pay attention to detail and manage the steps to provide you the most comprehensive and up to date information in the credit industry.

Ultra Score™ offers several years of combined experience developing personalized solutions for clients adversely affected by low credit scores. Ultra Score™ enables our clients to understand their credit file and the negative impact of a low credit score, as well as how to effectively manage their credit and how it affects the decision-making process used by lenders.

This valuable program will guide you through simple steps to maximize your credit potential. Our large financial resource center, payment calculators and financial planning documents are included to answer all questions related to your unique financial situation.

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Secure Credit Card

Secured Credit Card

$200-$2000 Deposit

Our First Progress Platinum MasterCard requires a deposit, as with any secured credit card. This card is designed to help our customers build a good credit history when they cannot get approved for other credit cards.

Get Approved Fast!
No Credit History or

Minimum Credit Score Required  
Quick and Complete Online Application
Expedited Processing Available
Full-Feature Platinum

MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
Monthly Reporting to all 3 Major Credit Bureaus 

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