Renters Credit

July 6, 2018

BY Marie Holland

In America there is 43 million renters and the number will get higher and why is this that there is more renters in America then people that own their own home.

Our standard of living the American Dream is about owing your own home and passing it on to the next generation I can remember my grand parents telling me on how they brought their first and only home it was based on how much you made and how long you were on your job or your business.

Things have changed and today you need more then that, credit is what everyone looks at for a home, insurance rates and even now a job. If you have a good credit score along with understanding your FICO then your income is how you get a home in today world.

Like most renters people don't understand how they can have their credit count and show on their reports and that because no one talks about it and how 43 millions Americans can have their rent work for them so they may have a better credit score.

However before you think about getting a program that would support in obtaining your rent to help you in obtaining a better credit report, I will provide you with the positive and negative of doing this: 

1. When considering the idea of you having a program that reports all your rental payment to all three credit bureau keep in mind that this will help you in obtaining a better credit score.

2. As  a renter for some reason you don't pay your rent on time or even miss a payment this would result in having a negative credit score

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