Credit Options

May 27, 2018

BY Marie Holland

Credit Solution for you and your business.

Obtaining credit can be a very hard thing, secure credit cards can be very good for someone that either needs to increase their credit score and one that may not have any credit. When looking at secure credit cards make sure to look at the annual charge and interest. You may want to stay away of ones that have high interest around 25% or higher.

I use them myself and I know other people that use them as well and the best to take advantage of them is when you charge something to them pay it off every time you get paid having no balance means you will have no interest.

If your asking yourself is this any better then a prepaid credit card and the answer is yes because prepaid cards does not help your credit and the other one does.

After a few months you will see your credit has improve once you get to a 600-700 credit score and your income is above $24,000 I would say start applying for a regular credit card. I have a client who has several regular credit cards and what they do is pay them off before the 25 day of the credit billing cycle or at least pay at least half to avoid as much interest as possible.

Here is a company that the interest percentage is 9.99% and the amount to start is $50.00 and up, click here for Secure Credit Card and the other one and for business secure credit Wells Fargo and Bank of America can help you.